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Meet Our Instructors


I think I was always curious about yoga; however, growing up in rural Oklahoma, there weren’t many opportunities although there were many misconceptions and misunderstandings about what yoga was.  Then, one day there was an article in our local newspaper about a yoga class being offered in a nearby city. I knew I was going.  Arun Tilak was the instructor, and I knew from that first yoga class, my life was going to be forever changed although I wasn’t sure how and that was a little frightening.

I think that sometimes we are destined to do certain things.  For example, I was at our local YMCA for a yoga class and the teacher didn’t show.  The class was full and some of us had driven from out of town, so I said one of us should do something, heads turned, and result was I taught my first class. I had no formal training, just experience.  The next time the teacher was a no show, everyone just turned to me and said, “You did it before…” That was 20 years ago and I teach there to this day although with a great deal more experience and training.  Now, years later, I have learned from many teachers, organizations and students and I have practiced in different cities, states, and countries.  I have explored yoga, tai chi, qigong, and exercises to keep senior citizens flexible and safe while trying to avoid falls by improving balance.

I have taught indoors, outdoors, at community centers, YMCA, a chiropractor clinic.  I have taught children and people of all ages through their 80’s.  And now I finally have a beautiful studio to practice in and share with others.  Life is good.

 Thank you to my mentor, Arun Tilak, my husband, David, and all of you that have been a part of my yoga journey.  After my first official yoga training, my goal was to offer a class that anyone looking in would think, “Oh, I could do that”.  And you can.

Meet the Instructors: About


My name is Amy Smith. I enjoy teaching and being a student of yoga. Most of all I love seeing people find their strength and flourish through their practice. I believe that yoga can build and restore us through many modalities. It can help us process trauma, grief, anxiety, heartbreak, and anger. There are so many benefits! Most of all I love being apart of Yoga and More, among a beautiful tribe of supportive instructors.

Meet the Instructors: About


Enhancing wellness is a personal goal of mine and I especially enjoy accomplishing that through yoga.   I began teaching yoga in 2008 at a local health club in Lawton.  My personal practice includes meditation, pranayama and gentle and active flow sequences.  On the mat teaching, I enjoy theme-based  classes with an a variety of healing/centering meditations, mudras, asanas and breath work.

Meet the Instructors: About


With a strong dance background, I was naturally drawn to the practice of Yoga.  I began my fitness journey as a Zumba instructor but kept circling back to the physical, mental, and overall benefits of Yoga.  I was hooked after attending my first Yoga session when Gaylene originally began teaching in Elgin and am thrilled to see her sharing Yoga in our community through her studio.  In addition to sharing the advantages of Yoga through teaching, I enjoy helping my husband, along with our two sons, operate a cattle ranch & custom hay cutting business.  Watching my boys play baseball is my favorite pastime, and I also enjoy plants, books, hiking, and clean living.  I look forward to greeting you in the studio as we contribute gratitude, peace, and well-being to ourselves, each other, and our community.  Light & love to you all!

Meet the Instructors: About Me
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